Weight Loss and Weight Management

Stop being ‘on a diet’ once and for all. Dieting may work to lose some weight but usually doesn’t end in long-term results. What does work is creating healthier habits and learning to eat what works best for your body specifically - what helps you take the extra weight off and, most importantly, what you need to do to keep it off. All this without depriving yourself or banishing your favorite foods.

Diabetes Management

Proper nutrition is the best way to manage the disease of Diabetes. Having Diabetes does not mean you need to stop eating all your favorite foods. Nor does it require complete elimination of all carbohydrates and sugars. The human body actually needs adequate carbohydrate intake each day. The key is to learn how and when to fit these foods into your daily eating patterns. Let Linda teach you how to build these healthy eating habits into your lifestyle so you can still enjoy your favorite foods, keep your blood sugars in a healthy range and avoid the complications that can arise from uncontrolled diabetes.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

How and what we eat have a direct effect on our health and well-being. Proper nutrition is often what is needed for improving our general health and even treating certain medical conditions. Let Linda show you how altering your diet can provide health benefits in the following categories:

Bariatric Surgery

Family Nutrition

Cardiovascular disease (heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure)

Nutrition during Pregnancy

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Women’s Health

Food Allergies

Nutrition for fitness

Fueling the body with proper nutrition is what gives us energy. When we are exercising- whether its 3 times a week, every day or in competitive sports- what we eat makes a difference. If we are not fueling properly, our bodies will not perform at their best. Fueling doesn't only refer to what we eat and drink on the day we are exercising. In order to truly prepare our bodies for optimal performance and to get the most out of our workouts, it is necessary to pay close attention to how and what we eat on a daily basis. Let Linda help you maximize your fitness through your daily diet.

Linda helped me lose weight and keep it off. I am more physically active now and my recent blood work showed a huge decrease in my total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. My doctor also took me off one of my blood pressure meds because my levels improved so much. Linda’s knowledge, guidance and support made all the difference.
— Erin L