Linda offers one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions which focus on each individual’s unique nutrition needs and concerns.

Weight management is Linda’s area of Expertise

Linda provides personalized nutrition education, attainable recommendations and a healthy plan to follow that fits into your lifestyle. She encourages you to break the dieting cycle once and for all. She teaches you to incorporate realistic changes that will result in a healthy rate of weight loss and will show you how to keep the weight off.


Diabetes Management is another specialty area

Linda provides nutrition education on how to best regulate your blood sugars while still being able to incorporate and enjoy your favorite foods.


Medical Nutrition Therapy

Linda is well-versed in providing medical nutrition therapy for treatment of various medical conditions. This involves learning which foods can be helpful and which can be harmful in managing your specific health issues.

Linda worked with me on my level. She recommended changes based on my understanding at first, then added more changes as she taught me more about nutrition. I am continuing to do well 6 months later because Linda showed me how to realistically build the changes into my lifestyle.
— Joanne H